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CBNi’s First Board of Directors Meeting Convened

Add Time:2018-04-16 18:12:44



  At 9:00 on April 16, 2018, China Broadcasting Network International Co., Ltd. had its first Board of Directors meeting in Room 1915 of Everbright Building. The meeting was attended by all the directors, alongside supervisors and executive candidates. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Lin Jing, chief accountant of CBN and director of CBNi.


  The meeting elected Mr. Lin Jing as chair of the first Board of Directors of CBNi and appointed Mr. Wang Zhiming as the managing director and Ms. Jia Wei as the chief financial officer. The meeting reviewed and approved The Company’s Business Plan and Financial Budget for 2018 and related rules and regulations. The meeting passed all the 13 proposals and formed meeting resolutions by a show of hands.

  After the meeting, the newly elected chairman Mr. Lin Jing unveiled the nameplate of CBNi.

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